Prevent And Heal Acne

If you’ve suffered from acne, or the scarring acne can leave behind, this facial series can treat current acne and help repair and hide previous scarring acne has left behind. The results are clearer, smoother, more beautiful skin.

Acne Facial:

This 60-minute facial treatment is designed to help clear skin and reduce acne scarring. First, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated. Products are then applied to help clear the pores of excess sebum, an oily substance naturally produced by glands in your skin that could plug up pores. If needed, extractions will be performed, followed by a soothing deep cleansing mask.

Acne Plus Facial:

This treatment enhances the benefits of the acne facial and uses microdermabrasion. The addition of microdermabrasion can help improve the texture of your skin and help rid your face of acne and scarring.

You can get pricing information for an Acne Facial by contacting Dr. Rifai’s Birmingham Cosmetic Surgery and today.